Tile Installation

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Before tile installation

After selecting your new tile, the experts at Floor Dimensions will help get you ready by sharing what to expect before, during, and after your installation. We will ensure that you are ready for years of enjoyment from your new tile and stone floors.

First, your old flooring will need to be disposed of. We will discuss with you ahead of time how to best accomplish this step. We will remove all large furniture and objects from the room(s). Make sure to empty the contents of any cabinets, drawers, and closets in these areas before our installation team arrives. We’ll also lay out the pattern that will work best for your space. 

It’s always wise to measure all door clearances to make sure they swing free after the new tile or stone is installed. If the new floor height presents any issues, we can shave or cut down doors to ensure clearance.

Make sure that any paint job is completed before your installation.

During & after tile installation

Your presence is will be required on the day of installation in case the installation crew has questions. Throughout the day, our team will check in with you.

Once we remove your old flooring and prepare the surface for installation, the team will follow the previously determined tile and stone layouts. We will spread mortar as we place tiles down, following chalk guidelines. We use spacers during this process to evenly place the tiles and apply grout once the mortar sets. 

Sometimes the grout application will take another day. There’s no exact way to estimate the length and circumstances of each job, but we strive to give you an accurate arrival & departure time. We ask and thank you for your flexibility in advance. We are a team!

Upon the successful completion of your installation, the installation team will carefully clean the tile and stone of all excess grout. After we complete the walk-through together, you and your family will need to stay off of the tile for up to two days to allow the installation to properly cure.

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