Emily Morrow Raw Beauty Handmade Harvest 211-003

Raw Beauty

Handmade Harvest

Emily Morrow
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Emily Morrow Raw Beauty First Leaf 211-012
First Leaf
Emily Morrow Raw Beauty Handmade Harvest 211-003
Handmade Harvest
Emily Morrow Raw Beauty Beach Confidential 211-011
Beach Confidential

Product Attributes

CollectionRaw Beauty
ColorHandmade Harvest
SpeciesSliced White Oak
Surface TypeLight Wire Brush
Width7" wide
LengthUp To 8' Long Random
Thickness.65" thick
Finish CoatingScratch Resistant Aluminum Oxide Finish
Warranty50 Year Finish Warranty
DescriptionThe secret recipe used for this harvest is in the layering of timeless techniques. Skip-sawn, sliced-face white oak looks and feels genuinely authentic when you can see the marks of the saw left behind from the cutting process of the sliced white oak boards.Matching molding available.